Felicitations on Abangan *

By Nasrin Pourhamrang


 To hear the sound of the footsteps of water,

Iíll cross the street of the time

Iíll not reach the far ends

 Ďcause the future is imminent.


To evade the place

Iíll not fall in love with the other end of the time

Ďcause the sound of the footstep of water is imminent.


Iíve learned from water

That how I should set foot in the blind alleys of my city.

The water will find its way, it will go,

And the sea is located in these vicinities.


I feel dejected of the hullaballoo of the dead-end

Iíve lost my heart in the songs of the water.

The song of water is an enthusiasm for departure,

And the pleasure of presence lies in the opened gateway of the roads.


* Abangan is one of the ancient festivals of Iranians which is celebrated on November 1 (the 10th day of the Persian month Aban) each year. In order to thank God for the blessing of water which He has endowed to the mankind and on which the survival of all the living creatures depends, the people would wear new and white garments and spend their time with the family on the seashores and next to the rivers and waterways. Then they would thank the Almighty God for the water He has given them by saying prayers.